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September 2014 - Some fun auditions here in AZ.  Excited to so some additional scenes for my starring role as EVE in, the whole family reunited.  Look for this fun Comedy Sci-Fi in 2015!

August - Booked a National!!  I Love me some commercials! ;)  Keep your eye out for football season a funny one for you football fans!  Thank you Julie Cook!

Wow when life gets busy it's hard to keep up on the social media! LOL...Personal assistant anyone??

March 2014 - March has been a great month of being creatively busy... Here in Phoenix SAG auditions sometimes are few and far between but I was lucky enough to have 2 SAG feature auditions in one day!  Happy & excited to say I booked one of them and just wrapped my role of Beth on Bearfruit Films' most recent project The Griddle House starring a trio of fabulous Buffy the Vampire Slayer ladies, Amber Benson - Charisma Carpenter - Clare Kramer, as well as super funnymen Miguel A Nunez and Paul Rodriguez and the cherry on top classic character acting legend William Sanderson!  A wonderful cast and crew and amazing producers all around I was thrilled and blessed to be included in this fun, moving story.  Check out some of my pics from the set.

2/1/2014 - Awesome things happening…  Taking some courses, doing some writing and getting my social networking on!  It's also great when auditions seek you out...How can it get even better than this?  

1/1/2014 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!   Time to put 2013 to rest and greet 2014 with wide open arms!   I know I'm looking forward to an amazingly transformational 2014 in preparation for some awesome stuff happening in 2015!!  Got some tricks under my sleeve.stay tuned throughout 2014…  Wishing you all a truly blessed 2014, Hugs & Cheers!!

12/23/13 - WOW!! has it really been 3 weeks…almost a month... since starting production on ???   We just wrapped the most adventurous, creative, collaborative time in my acting career.  As my first lead on a feature playing Eve Faris, opposite Charles Baker, Krista Allen & Christina Rose, I have grown and learned so much and appreciate the intricacies and brain power it takes to pull off a feature such as 11-11!!  We were wrapped on schedule on budget and everyone was left with excitement about this film till the end…even when it started SNOWING in sedona…on a day we were slated to frolic in a hot tub!!  Find us and Like our FB page and watch for updates on this cool project, now in post production with CGI work and other magical talents being added.  LOVE my @1111movie family! xoxoxo!!

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season!!!  And an AMAZING 2014!!  I know I plan on making it a success!  That's the key word PLAN!!!  Do you have a plan ready for making your dreams come true???


11/26/13 - It's official!!  I'm starring as Eve Faris in the SciFi Comedy Eleven Eleven also starring Charles Baker as Tim Faris (Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad & Grey on The Blacklist) and Krista Allen (Bay Watch, Liar, Liar & Anger Management) as Andromeda! Super excited to be working with many professional's in the Arizona market which I call friends and the talented cast that Chris Redish has brought together for his feature directorial debut.  Doc Wyatt from Napoleon Dynamite is our Consulting Producer and says of the script "Laugh Out Loud Funny!"  Shooting this December in Sedona and Gilbert Arizona.  Check back often for more updates.


Hi there!  

Welcome to my new website as you can see it is underway...please check back often to see all the progress and the AWESOME projects I am working on and have been in!!  Check out my Demo Reel tab to see me in action...

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All My Best,

Jennifer Pfalzgraff

Height:  5'4"

Weight: 106

Eyes: Brown Hazel

Hair: Auburn/Brown Reddish

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I am a local hire in Arizona, New Mexico, Los Angeles, Portland Oregon, Seattle.

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